Inside Pocket Purse CCW Concealed Carry Gun Holster

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Inside Pocket/Purse/Bag Holster

  • The universal CCW holster fits many semi-auto from duty size to sub-compact pistols.
  • The holster has a 5.25"L X 1.5"W hook strip (hook and loop fastening system) sewn to both sides of the holster for ambidextrous mounting.
  • Soft vinyl outside with soft PVS lining interior materials.
  • Holster is sewn with a trigger guard shape to provide a conforming shape around a pistol and to protect the trigger area.
  • Velcro strip makes it easy to mount inside a purse or any type of tactical bag or sling.
  • Holster color is Black.
  • Handgun and magazine not included with holster.